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Carara National Park Costa Rica - Costa Rica National Parks

Carara National Park Costa Rica - Costa Rica National Parks

Costa Rica Carara National Park Tours

Carara is located in the Central Pacific in the province of Puntarenas, right on the border of Rio Tarcoles, approximately 30 kilometers west of the Costa Rican capital of San Jose and about 15 miles north of the coastal town of Jaco.

Carara National Park was established on April 27, 1978 as a biological reserve, but its growing popularity after 1990 forced the government to update its national park status, due to the massive amount of tourists who have visited. Thus, in November 1998 was upgraded to Carara National Park category.

About 5500 hectares (15000 acres) of protected area, Carara has one of the last forests of transition between the dry north from the southern wetlands. Because of its predominant growth of trees, mosquitoes and other insects Carara National Park is a haven for birds arriving tourists from all over the world to practice birdwatching. Carara National Park is the best place to find wildlife near the capital.

Besides the red or scarlet macaw (Ara Macao) are parakeets and other parrots, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, motmots, jacamars, hopping, ant, and several species of trogones, including neck slaty black. Several species of waterfowl also inhabit the park. These include the anhinga, several species of herons and kingfishers.

Reptiles can be found the American crocodile and several species of snakes and lizards. Also you can see the poison dart frog black and green.

With approximately 60% of mammals found in the Carara National Park found three species of monkeys, sloths, wild or feral pigs, cats and rare night crocodiles, poisonous frogs, boas, iguanas, hundreds of butterflies and other insects interesting and more than 400 species of birds that many are endemic to Costa Rica. Not sure that you can see some of these mammals due to the dense tree cover.

If you are a nature lover, Carara National Park will make you feel in paradise as its easy access in addition to its location in a transition zone has an impressive biodiversity.

Within the Carara National Park there are several paths to flow through and around the park. There are two hiking trails in Carara National Park. One-half mile south of the Rio Grande de Tarcoles bridge, as you head towards the rangers station, there is a parking area on the left.

Driving Directions

From San Jose, Costa Rica, take Avenida 10 to Parque La Sabana, where it becomes Highway 27. Follow this highway west for 34 miles to the town of Orotina.

Three miles after Orotina, turn left onto the coastal highway. Then drive about 11 miles to the bridge over the Tarcoles River and the park boundary. The Quebrada Bonita Ranger Station and park headquarters is another 2 miles after the bridge.

Facilities and visitor attention Hours

The Quebrada Bonita Ranger Station is open for visitor attention from 8am to 4pm, and has potable water and restrooms. Telephone (506) 383-9953

Did you know Carara native language means "crocodile"?

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