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Costa Rica Monkey Tours - Monkey Tour Costa Rica - Jaco Beach Monkey Safari Tours

Costa Rica Monkey Tours - Monkey Tour Costa Rica - Jaco Beach Monkey Safari Tours

Costa Rica Mangrove Monkey Tour

Costa Rica is famous for its beauty and in this case we are not talking about its beautiful women. Costa Rica has a large enough natural beauty and varied and thanks to that many tourists around the world visit this paradise located in Central America.

Besides beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers and forests, Costa Rica is also a place that is home to four species distant from primates.

Monkey Species in Costa Rica

  • White-faced Capuchin Monkey
  • Howler monkeys (Mono Congo)
  • Spider Monkeys (Spider Monkey)
  • Squirrel Monkey (Mono Titi)

White-faced Capuchin Monkey

Costa Rica Monkey ToursThe single most common and seen in Costa Rica is the monkey-faced (or white-faced capuchin monkey), native to the forests of Central America and northwestern South America.

Because of the intelligence with which he was benefited monkey has been used to assist paraplegics.

With an approximate weight of 3.9 kg (1.5 - 4 kg) eat fruit, plant material and invertebrates and vertebrates sometimes live in groups of up to 20 members.

Howler monkeys (Mono Congo)

Costa Rica Monkey ToursMonkeys are stronger and larger than can be seen in Costa Rica, howler monkey is named for characteristic noise it makes. They have about 3 feet long and weigh up to 20 kg and the vast majority is completely black fur, live in groups of 5 to 20 members.

These monkeys appear to be aggressive appearance and his physical appearance and the noise produced by intimidating the tourists. The noise can range up to 1.5 km.

Early morning and evening wander slowly through the treetops, eating twigs and fruits. During the heat of the afternoon siesta. His inactivity is due to a vegan diet.

Howler monkeys are quite common and easy to detect in tropical dry forests of Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula.

Spider Monkeys (Spider Monkey)

Costa Rica Monkey ToursYou will see them Especially Along the edges of Tortuguero's jungle canals, Where Are Also remove common Howlers.

They Are dark brown to black, long and slender monkeys. Spider monkeys prefer the high canopies of primary rainforests.

They travel-through the canopy with a hand-over-hand motion by Their less frequently imitate human graceful cousins on playground monkey bars around the world.

Squirrel Monkey (Mono Titi)

Costa Rica Monkey ToursThe most colorful of all monkeys with their hands, feet and back in orange, shoulder and leg and head olive black. It is the rarest monkeys in danger of extinction, with a brain bigger than all the monkeys in Costa Rica.

Their diet is based on fruits, insects, bird eggs and small, are very hyperactive and live in large groups. The male usually carries on his back to her baby.

They can see easily in Manuel Antonio and Osa Peninsula.

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