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Costa Rica Aerial Trams Tours - Costa Rica Rain Forest Aerial Tram Tours

Costa Rica Aerial Trams Tours - Costa Rica Rain Forest Aerial Tram Tours

Costa Rica Rainforest Aerial Tram Tour Jaco

Discover the hidden secrets and hanging gardens of the transitional tropical rainforest from a totally different perspective. Costa Rica Aerial Trams are located in the Pacific area and in the Caribbean zone of Costa Rica.

Depending on the route you will take when visiting Costa Rica, you can take a Costa Rica Aerial Trams tour with any of the companies providing these services because they have excellent safety standards, skilled and humane treatment of first quality.

Costa Rica Aerial Trams ecological tours provide fascinating experiences with a unique perspective of the most spectacular birds of tropical forests in Central America and the Caribbean. You can observe an abundance of trees and plants in primary forests, and gardens.

You will see butterflies in their natural, birds, and rodents such as coati mundis, and guatusas, sloths and white faced monkeys. You can enjoy peace of mind that only tropical forest could offer, walking through the top of the trees; all these allow you to listen to the many different sounds of the Costa Rica rainforest. Combine these jungle sounds with the high humidity and you will feel that you are part of this jungle exploration.

The Costa Rica aerial tram is air travel in cars that move through secondary forest and gardens. The trip can be made at any time regardless of the time.

The Costa Rica aerial tram will take you on an enchanting ride through the canopy level of the Costa Rica rainforest as you could pass by giant 300-year old trees. The Costa Rica aerial tram allows observation of the forest and it is comfortable and relaxing, perfect for anyone, especially for those who do not or have difficulty walking by the traditional paths.

Passengers can stop the tram at any time during the ride to provide an opportunity for picture taking.

What to Bring:

  • Clothing: light-weight, casual clothes, sneakers (or other comfortable rubber-sole shoes), and rain gear (just in case).
  • Equipment: Camera, binoculars(optional, of course).

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