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Costa Rica Kayak Tours - Costa Rica Sea Kayaking - Costa Rica Kayaking River

Costa Rica Kayak Tours - Costa Rica Sea Kayaking - Costa Rica Kayaking River

Costa Rica Mangrove Kayak Tours

Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus, 10° North of the equator and 84° West of the Prime Meridian. It borders the Caribbean Sea (to the east) and the Pacific Ocean (to the west), with a total of 1,290 kilometres (800 mi) of coastline, 212 km (132 mi) on the Caribbean coast and 1,016 km (631 mi) on the Pacific.

Costa Rica also borders Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south-southeast.

We believe that Costa Rica is one of the best kayak low-impact ways to enjoy this amazing area. Arriving kayaking in Costa Rica, you can be sure of a holiday in high quality kayak out of the ordinary.

Costa Rica has a surface similar to West Virginia in addition to its privileged position on the continent. Over 200 species of mammals, 850 bird species and 10,000 plant species are known. Over 20% of the land is protected nations.

Costa Rica has a climate conducive for kayaking year-round and the waters are surrounded by a tropical show of nature. Costa Rica kayak tours reflect the diversity of the area. You will have different options such as lake kayaking, sea kayaking or whitewater kayaking tours.

Costa Rica Sea Kayaking:

Canoes and kayaks have navigated the rivers, seas and lakes in many regions of the world since many years ago. In addition to a transport medium to low impact nature, the practitioner has direct contact with nature and its biodiversity, besides being a great exercise.

With 635 miles of coastline on the Pacific coast and 132 miles above the Caribbean, and both oceans fed by hundreds of rivers, Costa Rica is an equal opportunity to enjoy the fast-growing sport of sea kayaking.

Costa Rica Kayaking Rivers:

Sometimes fast, sometimes very quietly as admiring his surrounds, as if it was alive. The rivers of Costa Rica are known by its beautiful walks, warm waters and a tour full of surprises for the visitor.

From Reventazon Pacuare the famous and the Chirripó Class 5, all in the far south, to the spectacular Peñas Blancas, the powerful Toro and Sarapiqui, all located in north central Costa Rica. Tourists and fans come from all over the world to enjoy this exciting activity.

Known not only for its attractions, these rivers offer scenic beauty unmatched anywhere in the world. Lush tropical rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, and abundant wildlife line the hundreds of rivers that feed continuously Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

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