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Monteverde Costa Rica - Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest

Monteverde Costa Rica - Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest

Monteverde Tours Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica is a small city of Puntarenas located in the Cordillera Central at an elevation of 5,600 feet. Monteverde, Costa Rica is only 4 hours from the International Airport SJO (Juan Santamaría International Airport).

Monteverde, Costa Rica is foggy and windy, with temperatures ranging from 15-22 ° C (59-77 ° Fahrenheit). It can be very cold in the dry season (winter months in North America), especially due to the winds coming through the mountains. We recommend you bring rain gear and boots (especially if you plan to visit the reserves) as well as pants, long sleeves and a light jacket.

It is an important tourist destination due to its rich biodiversity. The area is visited by scientists and naturalists who come to study tropical biodiversity of Monteverde.

The main attraction is its large has Monteverde biological reserve of 10,500 hectares which are visited by about 70,000 tourists annually. The "Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve" as it is known has about 34 different species of orchids, 60 species of amphibians and during the year hosts about 90 species of migratory birds.

We can mention that the fauna of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve has six species of marsupials, three muskrats, at least 58 shifts, three primates, edentulous seven, two rabbits, a ground pork, three species of squirrels, a species of spiny mouse, at least 15 species of long-tailed rats and mice (family Muridae), a species of porcupine, a kind of agouti, one of Pacca, mustelids five, four procyonid six species of felines, two species of wild pigs, two species of deer, and one species of tapir.

Besides the biological reserve, one can find outside places to observe more closely the flora and fauna of this tropical paradise windy but different path by the town of Monteverde you will find serpentariums, insect museums, butterfly gardens and other attractions. The increase of tourists in Monteverde Costa Rica has diversified activities that tourists can do such as horseback riding, mountain biking, hanging bridges and tours of coffee.

There are so many things to do in Monteverde Costa Rica, Monteverde but fame is due to its spectacular cloud forest, in the Monteverde Cloud Forest and Santa Elena Cloud Forest - so be sure to hike while you're here!

Horseback Riding Monteverde - Costa Rica

Monteverde to be green all year round offers views of the mountain system of the area, is considered a paradise for horseback riding in Costa Rica.

While not allowed to travel in the reserve itself, there is the possibility to enjoy a horseback riding tour of private land through riding and hiking trails that pass by coffee plantations, sugar cane farms where you can appreciate the beauty and tranquility of life rural Costa Rica. These Monteverde horseback riding tours can take place at dusk or at any time and is suitable for those with experience or not.

Monteverde Costa Rica Canopy Tour:

The Sky Trek is a system of trails, suspension bridges and zip lines where visitors can observe the flora and fauna of the rainforest. This system is of larger scale with more zip lines, platforms, walkways and suspension bridges.

Monteverde Costa Rica Canopy requires no experience, just a good attitude and sense of adventure, the guides are ancargaran of everything else.

Monteverde Coffee Tour

The Monteverde Coffee Tour is operated by different companies so we recommend you do a search and compare prices, services and facilities offered by each of the companies.

We are confident that whoever your choice, you will enjoy a tour of coffee with experts in the field that will make the tour a pleasant experience. Your participation in the tour directly support the Families Within the local community.

The Monteverde Coffee Tour is an activity for visitors and Educational allows them to get to see and local coffee Understand how production works. The participants get to visit some of the local farms. During the harvest season the visitors Also Have the Opportunity to Participate and collect coffee....

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