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Surf Lessons Jaco Beach

Important Details:

  • Location: Jaco Beach
  • Length of the Tour: 2 hours
  • Pick Up Time: Depending on the tides
  • Min. People: 2
  • Includes: Gear, surfboards, instructor, bottle water
  • Recommendations: Board shorts, swimming suit, sun block
  • Rates: $75pp


Surf Lessons in Jaco Beach, We want to teach you more than just ridding your first wave but also the true feeling of surfing with body and mind together. There is a good reason why so many people change their lifestyles to be near the ocean and surf, it’s a soul thing, and there is nothing more relaxing and exciting than catching good surf sharing few waves with your friends. All our instructors are fully bilingual, they are also certified lifeguards, very experienced and with an easy way to teach you and show you all the safety basics and techniques you need to know before surfing for the first time, “safety first”  an instructor will stay close to you all times during the lesson.

Beginner Surf Lesson:
It’s around 1 hour and 45 minutes surf lesson in the white water, (smaller waves that are not far from the shore). In your first class you will learn safety and ocean knowledge, basic surfing etiquette, how to paddle, and how to stand up and ride a wave. After one or two beginner lessons you will be ready move up to the intermediate lessons.




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